We all have a "box" of skills we use to do our work. We all have a box of memorabilia somewhere; photos, certificates, letters from the past, each one documenting someone's life in some small way. Cindy's Box combines the two ideas into one.    

     Thirty-five years of family history research experience is something to share, and I am happy to share it with you..



You are the magnificent sum total of the sacrifices, tears, struggles and singular beauty of those who came before you! Isn't it about time you understood just who those people are?

 Consulting with Cindy's Box is a convenient way to research your family, with a little help. Let me help you discover ways to specifically research your family. Learn as you go. 

Or, if you prefer, let me put my research experience to work for you directly, whether to get started, or to take your family tree as far as records allow.

Either way, you win!

Get started today with Cindy's Box: 

The number of records - and potential details on your ancestors - is increasing daily. Imagine previously lost family members found! Previously unknown, unconnected family discovered and documented, and bound together in your hands!  

Historical records open up your view to the past,  giving you insight into your family's history, which has sculpted you into the amazing person you are today. And I'd like to help you find these people - your family. Every one of them has something to offer you!

How do your ancestors fit into the historical scene in which they lived? What were their dreams, challenges and triumphs? Records are the key to understanding.



My beginnings in family history were blessed by the efforts of my great-aunt Ethel, who was the keeper of photos, letters and memorabilia in her generation. I loved the treasures in the old chest: letters, photos, spectacles, a piece of hand-woven cloth. Great-Aunt Ethel's efforts helped my mother piece together much family history when I was a young girl. Having always been a reader, I learned early on to read the old script in letters and documents. I am an accomplished writer, and accurately and artistically present family history in technical or story format. I can also produce historical fiction with your family history.

My formal training started when I was 18 years old, when I took my first college course in family history. I am still taking courses and studying how to use old and new tools to best effect. Five years ago, I resolved to help one hundred people with their family history - free of charge. I have now exceeded that goal, and have learned more than I ever expected. 

I am first and foremost a United States researcher, with additional experience in African-American and Native American US research, DNA-assisted research, adoption & birth family research, Immigrant research, US Colonial records, and more. However, I have explored records and done online research on every continent except Antarctica, in different languages, and using original records. My on-site and online experience, which I am always adding to, can help you break down historical brick walls. 

Let me help you connect your family - past, present and future!



Every person and every family is important in the tapestry of human existence. Learn the real story, and understand the motivations of those who came before: the honest, hard-working folk, the mavericks, the rebels, the pioneers, the rich, the poor, the steady and sturdy ones, and the ones who struck out on their own. Each one made you who you are.

In my experience, family history is an incredibly healing and inspiring endeavor. I have found that even when faced with things hard to fathom in my ancestors' lives, there is nothing to fear in learning the truth. One only needs to look further than the sorrow.

Onsite or localized research may be needed in difficult cases, since some records are not yet indexed or digitized. These records can only be accessed in person. We will soon offer the option of onsite US research. 

Start your research journey

Historic documents provide a snapshot of your ancestor at a given place and time.  Thanks to the indexing and publication efforts of many individuals and organizations, much high-quality research can be done online with digitized images.

More indexed and digitized documents are available now than ever before, in the history of the world. Do you need training, experience and skill in reading and interpreting them? Are you struggling with old script? Faded documents? That's our specialty - reading and interpreting historical documents!